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A Step-By-Step Coaching Program That Shows You How

This is a fast-track coaching program that shows you how to set up quickly, find online jobs, and start writing your way into a meaningful income.


You've probably heard that some people have actually been very successful at carving out an income for themselves online.  Well, it's true.

This is because the Internet has completely changed the landscape when it comes to freelancing, particularly freelance  writing. 

Whether you want to boost your income, create extra income for yourself in these stay-at-home times or even just to help with school fees that you know will eventually come knocking at your door, you'll find out how to do it here and very quickly, too.

Set your own hours and work from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

In just a few weeks, I'll share secrets, methods, strategies and tips to help you start creating income by writing online. This is not one of those get rich quick schemes that you find all over the Internet. This program is for serious-minded people who are looking for a genuine and very effective way to earn an additional source of income in these very trying times that we are in.


Hi, my name is Edith Nkwocha and I’m a freelance writer-transcreator/translator.

I started my career as a translator specializing in medical, financial, fashion and marketing translation, and I honestly admit that I stumbled my way into writing online.

I began with simple blog posts, not taking it at all seriously because I had half-heartedly tried in the past but had made no headway. So, I concluded that this writing online thing didn't work.

However all of this changed when spontaneously, I decided to write an article and post it online. I received a comment from an established publisher who had read my article calling it an "outstanding submission".

This encouraged me to take a few more steps which I will share with you during the program. By the next day I had received two writing offers and within two weeks, I had received 4 offers for continuous writing work.

My very first writing job paid $40 and I was asked to write as often as I wanted. The second one was for $45 and after that I received a request that offered $100. That was quite an increase!  I didn't do anything specular. All I did was search in the right places, and you can too.

Types of Writing


There are many different ways to earn an income for yourself by writing online, so you're not tied to one particular genre.

During the coaching program I will work with you to explore the best option(s) to help you estblish an online presence for yourself as a part-time or full-time writer.  Here are some options to consider:

  • Writing for the Web (quick entry point, very popular)

  • Academic writing

  • Copywriting

  • Transcreation

  • Writing for new technologies

  • Financial writing

  • Novels and non-fiction book writing

  • Ghost-writing


Step-by-Step Coaching to show you how to quickly set up and find paid writing work online.

One of the most important steps that you'll need to take is getting a website that features the area of writing that you intend to focus on. I will personally coach you through creating yours. 

This program is short, targeted, effective and completely online. In just 5 weeks you'll be up and running, and ready to begin writing your way into more income.

Sign up today!

PRICE: €225

As soon as you sign up, expect a welcome message from me and an outline of the coaching program.
The Coaching Program
Having a website and knowing what you want to write about are the first steps. However, in order to be successful at this, you also need to have a blueprint and a strategy on how to approach the task of writing.

There are other factors that you will have to consider and these must be an integral part of your efforts. These include  how and where to find the jobs, as well as finding the tools to market your services.
You could go online and spend an eternity trying to dig up this info yourself, but even if you were lucky enough to find the right information, it still doesn't tell you how to pull everything together and use it in a way that will work for you. This is where my Coaching Program can help you tremendously.  
This is a step-by-step coaching program that walks you through the entire process:
  • Choosing your writing genre and niche area(s)
  • Understanding why content is king, and how to make this work to your advantage.
  • Setting up your website - quickly
  • Where to look for well-paid writing jobs
  • How to put together your multi-approach job search plan
  • How to carry out professional editing using a step-by-step highly effective deep editing process, designed to level up even the most badly written work.
  • Creating your blueprint & strategy
  • Writing Resources
  • Accessing/creating your marketing tools

"I'm Skeptical. Does Writing Really Work? In any case, I can't write."


Actually, yes you can.  Some people are gifted writers, while others are not.  Yet, it's really not about being the best writer in the world. 


It's more about being an expert on something, anything - from banking and art to rocket science. 


Apart from the fact that Google loves quality content, the reality is that everbody is online these days promoting their business and desperately need your help to create the content (blogs, e-books, articles, videos, etc.) to help bring their products and services to the eyeballs of their customers and potential customers.

Make The Decision. Sign-Up Today for my Coaching Progam and go from no income, to a stable income through your writing.

A lot of people are sitting at home right now wondering how to make the best use of their time but doing nothing about it. Why not choose differently? 

Act today, so you can fight tomorrow!

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